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Balance between thinness and compression level

Compared with conventional thin supports, this product significantly reduces bulkiness of main fabric and support line, at the same time, it realizes low profile and proper compression.

Material:Fiber: Nylon, Elastane


* For light compression and protection of the wrist - Provide gentle wrist support with unique support line

Less bulky, gentle to skin and comfortable fit - It is so thin that you don't have to worry about getting bulky when wearing with the clothes. The skin is gentle with few stitches

* Recommended for light sports - You are not bothered by wearing it for a prolonged time, and it can be used in daily life

* Material: Fiber (Nylon + Elastane)

* Available size: S, M, L

* Size reference (measure by wrist circumference - CM): S (13-15), M (15-17), L (17-19)


The Zamst JK Knee Band is ideal for individuals with Patella Tendinitis.

  • Flyweight Tech:  Advanced material fabrication with lightweight construction
  • Grip-Tech:  Anti-migration prevents slipping during activities
  • i-Fit: Open panel design with adjustable fasteners provides individualized fit, enhanced comfort and variable compression levels
  • Kneecap Stabilizer: Stabilizes the kneecap while body is in motion
  • P-Tech: Dissipates tendon pressure
  • ROM-Tech: Pre-curved design to provide full Range of Motion for maximized performance levels
  • V-Tech: Ventilated flow through design keeps you cool while in motion