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Maple Leaf
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  • Its new and original airflow design is handsome, cunning small and exquisite, and its serviceability is superior ; its compass may facilitate your family life and outdoor tourism.
  • Capable of mechanical power generation ; provided with accurate structure and high working efficiency ; its built-in high-performance power generation energy storage device is environment friendly.
  • Three(3) imported high-luminance LEDs are used to serve as light sourcesm their lifespan can reach 10,000 hours or linger, ensuring high performance and energy conversation.
  • Capable of alarm flashing ; in cars of an emergency, the product can be attached to the top of your auto for emergency resorting.
  • The product may be used to charge up variouds types of mobile phones or digital prod.
  • When your automobile develops a fault, you may use the razor blade to cut off the safety belt, and use the safety hammer to smash the glass so that you may escape as soon as possible.
  • The product is rainproof to a certain extent, and its normal operation may not be affected in case it gets wet in the rain outdoors.
  • With functions of emergrncy lighting, mobile phone charger, blink /siren, rainproof, magnet, seat belt cutter, safety hammer, temperature, humidity, clock, alarm clock.