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  • Contoured weightlifting belt is ergonomically designed to fit the natural shape of the body while stabilizing the core muscles
  • Extra wide 7.5 inch lifting belt with 3 inch support strap promotes proper posture during lifting and strength training
  • 5 contoured EVA channels stiffen the extended 7.5 inch width for maximum support
  • Heavy gauge steel roller buckle for easy tensioning and custom fit. Plush tricot lining is comfortable against the skin


  • Ultimate Grip in dry, humid & wet conditions.
  • Sweat-free kangaroo leather palm.
  • Ergonomic fit & low-wrist construction.

Kangaroo leather / Gel padding

Lycra / Microfleece thumb

Leather 45% / Polyurethane 30% / Nylon 20% / Other fibres 5%



Strong bamboo yarn and elastic rubber protector keep uniform and constant tension. Rayon (bamboo) material will quick-drying and swear-absorbing The double-tensioned structure on the finishing part has anti-skid function so that you can wear comfortably in your usual socks.


1. Solusi totalcare dari arthralgia. 19 pcs supporter akan mengurangi rasa sakit sendi keluarga Anda 2. Pendinginan Panas & Dingin - Pendinginan dingin seperti kerusakan otot mendadak segera setelah rasa sakit untuk meredakan kejang pada area yang terluka. Anjuran panas untuk mengurangi peradangan dan edema, nyeri kronis, seperti nyeri kronis. 3. Mudah digunakan - Mudah digunakan dengan oven microwave selama 50 detik (untuk pinggang / bahu / lutut / siku) dan freezer selama 2 jam. 4. Berbagai bagian penggunaan - Leher / bahu / pinggang / lutut / siku / pergelangan tangan / manset / pergelangan kaki, Semua bagian tubuh 5. Ketegangan Tinggi - Benang bambu yang kuat dan pelindung karet elastis menjaga ketegangan seragam dan konstan. 6. Penyerapan keringat yang kuat - bahan Rayon (Bambu) dengan pengeringan cepat dan menyerap keringat 7. Tidak ada zat berbahaya - Tes zat berbahaya (pH, arylamine, formaldehyde) + 4 logam berat (timah, kadmium, merkuri, kromium) 8. Nyaman fit - Struktur dua-ketegangan pada bagian finishing memiliki fungsi anti-selip sehingga Anda dapat mengenakan dengan nyaman di kaus kaki yang biasa Anda pakai. 9. Dirancang untuk kehidupan - Dirancang untuk desain gaya hidup sesuai dengan ukuran tubuh



When you’re going for your personal best, running out of water is not an option. Essential equipment for every adventurer, the 1 liter Stash is large enough to handle all-day hydration, expanding for use and crushing back down for maximum pack space. Compact, flexible and 50% lighter than a hard bottle. It’s construction with purpose.



  • Twist to collapse down to 1/4 of it's filled size when empty, minimizing the space it takes up in your pack
  •  At 50% lighter than most hard bottles it's the most compact and convenient water bottle solution
  •  The flexible walls, TPU carry handle & grip ring create a comfortable carrying experience
  •  External capacity gauge allows you to track your hydration intake or measure out the contents
  •  The 63mm wide mouth screw cap makes it quick and easy to fill
  • Rigid top and bottom keeps it sturdy and easy to drink out of
  •  Made of ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU & RF welded seams for superior durability and elasticity
  • Can be frozen or filled with hot water (max temp 60° C / 140° F)
  • Safe and reliable, 100% BPA & PVC free


1 L / 32 fl oz

107 g / 3.7 oz

Open - 210 mm / 8.2 in x 100 mm / 3.9 in
Closed - 60 mm / 2.3 in x 100 mm / 3.9 in

Thermoplastic Polyurethane; HDPE


- SNUGGLE UP WOMEN: comfortable, flat suspension system with large contact surface and balanced load distribution
- Key clip
- Main compartment with wide aperture zip, flat front pocket, 2 elasticated side pockets, inner pocket
- ARMATECH PLUS 600D: fine, densely woven, durable and resilient fabric
- Small day pack
- Suspension system with comfortable straps
- 5 pockets and compartments
- Slim design

- Material: 600D Armatech Plus
- Measurements: 40 x 24 x 20 cm
- Capacity: 14 Lit.
- Weight: 355g
- Colour Options: Khaki, Dark Sky Woven Check and Black only.


- Main compartment with key clip
- Padded base
- Pack sack: extremely lightweight, tear-resistant CROSS RIP 100D fabric with reinforcement threads and abrasion and tear-resistant NAILHEAD 100D fabric

- Measurements 1: 9 x 10/20 x 5 cm.
- Weight: 80g.
- Colour Options: Black, Flame Orange & Baby Blue only. 


- Comfortable, lightweight and flexible X-TRANSITION suspension system for optimum weight distribution and generous freedom of movement
- Adjustable chest strap with signal whistle
- Occipital cavity for enhanced carry comfort
- Main compartment with two access points (from the front and the top) and inside pocket (with enough room for a drinks bladder), base compartment with large aperture opening, height-adjustable lid pocket with inside compartment, large external pocket, zip pocket, two mesh side pouches, fold-out bottle holder
- Trekking pole attachment
- Preparation for helmet attachment
- Inner, side and base compression straps
- Preparation for a hydration system (tube duct and attachment)
- Integrated raincover in the lid
- Pack sack: lightweight, tear-resistant CROSS RIP 300D fabric with reinforcement threads and very abrasion and tear-resistant NAILHEAD 420D fabric
- Base made from extremely durable, moderately heavy BALLISTIC 840D
- This midweight 840D polyamide material is fantastically hard-wearing and is often used as a base material in rucksacks. The smooth surface prevents snow from sticking. polyamide fabric, with a smooth surface
- ALUMINIUM HONEY COMB frame: very lightweight, shape-retentive aluminium

- Backlength S - L
- Front Pocket: 1
- Side Pocket: 1
- Mesh Pocket: 2
- Inside Pocket: 2
- Measurements: 70 x 30/27 x 22 cm
- Capacity: 55 + 8 Lit.
- Weight: 2540g
- Colour Options: Black only


- FULL DULL 600D: robust fabric with recycled material and cotton-like look and feel
- MICRO SUEDE: synthetic leather with a velvety feel and suede-like appearance.
- dual compartment for bank notes, 4 slots for credit cards, transparent compartment for ID card or bus tickets, zipped coin pouch & 2 additional pouches.
- Loop to attach a key or other accessories
- Velcro fastener
- Robust recycled fabric

- Main Fabric: Full Dull 300D (100% polyester)
- Additional Fabric: Micro Suede (100% polyester)
- Measurements 1: 10 x 13.5cm
- Measurements 2: 27 x 13.5cm (Open)
- Weight: 80g
- Size: One Size
- Colour Options: Night Blue & Siltstone only.


- Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap
- Two padded loop handles
- Main compartment, ventilated shoe compartment, mesh pocket with a zip in the lid
- Pack sack and base: very fine, densely woven, exceptionally long-lasting and durable ARMATECH PLUS 600D fabric

- Side Pocket 1
- Inside Pocket 1
- Measurements 1: 24 x 45 x 25 cm
- Capacity: 35 Lit.
- Weight: 340g
- Colour Options: Red Sprinkles, Black Crushed Checks & Purple Checks only.

  • 2 litre load capacity
  • Style: Belt Pack
  • Volume capacity: 1
  • Bum Bag
  • Zipped pockets
  • Padded back
  • Adjustable waist band
  • Reflective detailing
  • Karrimor branding

LifeStraw Flex is a 2-stage filter that exceeds the NSF 53 drinking water standard for reduction of lead while also reducing chemicals and removing bacteria and parasites. This kit includes a soft-touch and the filter can be used in 5 different ways: as a personal straw, with the included soft touch bottle, attached to a plastic water bottle, hydration bladder or as a gravity filter.


  • Removes 99.999999 % of bacteria

  • Removes 99.999 % of parasites

  • Reduces organic chemical matter (pesticides, herbicides, VOCs)

  • Exceeds NSF 53 standard for reduction of lead and other heavy metals

  • Exceeds NSF 42 standard for chlorine reduction

  • Exceeds US EPA drinking water standards for bacteria and parasites

  • Microbiological filter lasts up to 2,000 liters / 500 gallons

  • Carbon capsule lasts up to 100 liters / 25 gallons

  • Removes 99.999% of microplastics

  • Size: 119 mm / 4.7 in

  • Filter weight: 48 g / 1.7 oz

  • 650 ml capacity soft bottle

  • Microbiological filter pore size: 0.2 micron

  • Replaceable carbon capsule


Nitecore Multi-Purpose Utility Pouch Sling Bag

A Modular Experience

Lightweight and high-strength, the Nitecore NUP30 is a multi-purpose utility pouch that lives up to its name. The interior compartment is fitted out with hook-and-loop structures to accommodate additional Nitecore expansions and inserts, while the auxiliary compartment features a mesh interior, secure key clasp, and hook-and-loop exterior.


  • MOLLE Accessory
  • 600D Polyester Fabric
  • Water and Dirt Resistant
  • Anti-Scratch Exterior
  • Modular-Expansive Interior
  • Auxiliary Key Clasp


  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 7.5" (19cm)
    • Width - 11.2" (28.5cm)
    • Depth - 3" (7.5cm)


Throw the Daylite® Sling over your shoulder and go. Go where, you say? Anywhere. To the store, school or on a quick hike. While grabbing brioche buns from the bakery, or veggies from the farmer's market. Maybe storing your valuables at the festival or on holiday at the beach? Wherever you go, it's always nice to have a way to simply and securely carry a few daily essentials. The Daylite® Sling uses a breathable and soft NeoSpacer mesh material on it's single, anatomically shaped shoulder strap for next-to-skin comfort, even on hot days. The front zippered mesh pocket is great for storing smaller items you regularly need access to, the main compartment has sleeves for organization plus a key-clip, and you don't have to remove the pack to grab your gear; just rotate the pack over your shoulder.



Like the day it was designed for, the Daylite is easy, uncomplicated and comfortable.



Compatible as an attachment to several Osprey travel and backpacking bags for additional storage and carry options, the Daylite and Daylite Plus are great bags to have around town or as a summit pack.

The Daylite and Daylite Plus can be added on to the following Packs: + Aether/Ariel AG Series, Aether/Ariel Pro Series, Volt/Viva Series, Shuttle Series, Sojourn Series, Farpoint 80, Farpoint/Fairview Wheeled Travel Pack Series, Farpoint/Fairview Trek Series and Porter Series.

* Excludes Daylite Sling and Daylite Waist packs.





  • Removable foam frame sheet suspension with center stiffener allows dynamic body movement *Daylite Travel not included
  • Mesh-covered die-cut foam backpanel provides comfort and ventilation
  • Spacer mesh harness with integrated handle. Additional die-cut EVA foam padding (Daylite Plus only). Adjustable sternum strap with whistle
  • Removable 20mm webbing hipbelt *Daylite Travel exempt




  • Breathable and soft NeoSpacer mesh backpanel
  • Sling: Anatomically shaped single shoulder strap. Breathable and soft NeoSpacer mesh strap.
  • Waist: Adjustable 38mm webbing hipbelt

Move more easily in total comfort with the lightweight, stretch-fit AGILE 12 SET pack for trail running. It moves with your body and snugly carries essentials for medium to long trail runs, mountain bike adventures, and highly active sports.

Speed, agility, lightness. The Salomon Agile 12 Set Running Backpack has been designed with the sole purpose of delivering as much storage space as possible without compromising these trail running imperatives. A lightweight construction that applies specific fabrics across specific regions seeks to reduce friction in high wear areas and increase ventilation throughout.

The pack's harness construction wraps around the body and distributes weight evenly to encourage a more stable run, whilst a Twin Link custom adjustment alleviates pressure across the sternum, allowing the wearer to breathe freely. A Compression Front Lifter compresses the backpack's contents to improve stability and capacity, whilst two compressible side mesh pockets accommodate essential items and hydration flasks.

Additionally, a soft 1.5 litre bladder and fluid delivery system provide efficient, constant nutrient replenishment. A whistle attracts attention, reflective components preserve visibility in poor light and a 4D pole holder provides easy, instinctive access to running poles.

This ease-of-use philosophy extends right throughout the backpack, with lateral bottle storage and 4D reservoir compartments allowing water bottles and the fluid reservoir to be easily slid into their respective cavities with minimum fuss, even when the pack's main zipped partition is already full.

Light weight, stretch-fit 12L pack for trail running, moves with your body and snugly carries essentials for medium to long trail runs, mtn bike adventures, or highly active sports. Soft 1,5l bladder Hydrapak, bite valve with on/off system. 4D pole holder. Whistle & reflective. ONE SIZE.






Reversible belt by Salomon with a bottle opener on the buckle, it will go perfectly well with any of your trousers. The belt is made of 100% polyester, it has a metal ending and a changeable matte buckle, which is made from 100% metal nickel. This wire belt can act as extra strap, and the loop is used as opener.

- Webbing Belt
- Bottle Opener
- Type: Belt 
- Recommended use: Outdoor, Leisure, Travel & others 

- Dimensions: 4cm width, 109cm length
- Body: 100% PES
- Body Insert: 100% Metal Nickel Free 
- Weight: 180g
- Size: One Size
- Colour Options: Black, Dark Cloud and Beige only.